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9 of David Prashker's books are now available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble e-store and all major e-bookstores worldwide.

2 new books published September 2014:

City of Peace: Volume 1, The Red-Headed First-Born

City of Peace: Volume 2, The Waxing of the Moon
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Short Stories: The Captive Bride; Tall Tales & Short Stories

Hebrew Scholarship: A Myrtle Among Reeds; The Day Of Atonement

Poetry: Welcome To My World (Selected Poems 1973-2013)

Wagner: The Book of the Ring; A Pilgrimage to Bayreuth

Numbers 20:6

Five blog-books in addition:

David Prashker's Poems & Songs allows you to listen while you read, with audio recordings of many of the major pieces.

David Prashker's Book of Days offers an alternate take on history, both past and present.

David Prashker's Private Collection  brings together a large selection of favourite poetry and prose across the ages and from around the world, with short essays on each.

The World Hourglass, first published in 2015, a country-by-country assessment of the current state of human civilisation

TheBibleNetDavid Prashker's detailed research and commentary on the Bible, using comparative mythology, archaeology and the study of ancient languages to reveal a Bible that may not be all that familiar. The blog includes both Jewish and Christian writings, as well as translations and commentaries from the Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Celtic.

To find out more about any of these works, just click the titles in the catalogue on the left. The first five comprise "The Argaman Quintet", five novels that recount key elements of European Jewish history, from the end of the era of the stetl to the founding of the State of Israel, by way of the Jewish Resistance Movement in Poland in World War Two and the struggles of the "Refuseniks" in the Soviet Union - tales of Jews as heroes, not as victims. The catalogue continues with four novelistic biographies (King David, Muhammad, Roderigo Lopes and Richard Wagner); after which come contemporary novels, short stories, poetry, essays in literature and philosophy, translations, travel writings, plays, memoir and songs.

Commencing in October 2013, The Argaman Press  has begun the process of publishing all these works - a total of 30 books. For publication updates, follow David Prashker at

All drawings and sketches on this site are by David Prashker. For titles, go to "The Drawings", the final link on the navigation bar.


If you would like to know more about David Prashker than you will find from a search engine, go to Davidprashker.com

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