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Click here for DavidPrashkersPrivateCollection - a blog presenting favourite poems and prose, each with a short essay reflecting forty years of writing and teaching.

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DavidPrashkersBookOfDays - a novel-in-blog-form exploring the nature of history and the ways in which we are constantly having to rethink history in the present.

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DavidPrashkersWorldHourglass - a blog presenting every country in the world, less from the perspective of the tourist or the journalist than from that of the idealist, starting from the simple question: how does this country rate in a league table of contributors to the betterment of the world?

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DavidPrashkersSongsAndPoems - a blog presenting dozens of Prashker's songs and poems in audio.

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David Prashker's BibleNet - a still-growing but already comprehensive encyclopedia of commentary on the Bible, from a non-faith perspective, rooted in the discoveries of modern archaeology and comparative mythology.

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