in three volumes


Zero Positive - essays in philosophy and literature

The Leprachauns of Palestine - essays in religion and mythology

The Invisible Library - sermons and lectures in Jewish literature and history

"A much overlooked and under-regarded genre, some of the best writing in the history of letters comes in the form of the essay, whether it be philosophy or travel-writing, memoir or journalism, or the forays into the imagination that geniuses like Borges have undertaken, uncovering new worlds.

"A large part of this collection is literary criticism, but always with the rule that I have imposed upon myself, and wished upon others: if you have nothing positive to say about someone else's attempts at creativity, don't speak at all. The person you are criticising negatively isn't going to re-write the book or re-compose the symphony; so what have you or they gained - simply a chance to show off your wit, because it's much easier to be witty when negative than positive; the prejudicing of others against the work before they can submit it to their own judgement? The purpose of criticism, surely, is to deconstruct one's own responses, to articulate the ways in which that book or play or painting changed one's life - and if it didn't change one's life, then it isn't worth the trouble of writing about it anyway."

David Prashker

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