Literally dozens of David Prashker's pictures are now online at his own Art Gallery. Simply click the link and enjoy the textually guided tour.

Listed below are what you'll find on all the pages of this website:

HomePage: Prashker, photograph, somewhere around 2010.

The Flaming Sword: Having created Bernhard Aaronsohn/
Ari Ben Aaron as an artist, I thought it might be amusing to try and make some of his paintings for him. This is his portrait of Marja Lubov, one of the central characters in "The Chronicle of the Kingdom of Alphalia".

A Little Oil & Root: Another of the pieces I made for Bernhard/Ari; a mere sketch on this occasion, of the French poet
Apollinaire, made in Paris after the liberation of Europe.

The Chronicle of the Kingdom of Alphalia: The cover of the first edition, published privately in 1991.

The Hourglass:
Ari Ben Aaron, Self-Portrait, dated around 1972.

Going To The Wall: From the days before digital photography simplified the process, two photographs on 16mm, the Berlin Wall on the left, the Western Wall in Jersualem on the right.

City of Peace: The cover of the first edition, published privately in 1997.

My Friend the Prophet: An irresistible conjunction, one of my personal "gurus" with the subject of this book: a sketch of Canadian poet-songwriter-novelist Leonard Cohen.

Roderigo Lopes: Italian townscape. A Portuguese townscape would have been more appropriate, but alas I have never drawn or painted one.

Pilgrimage to Bayreuth: "Softening the Cry", a gentle homage to Edvard Munsch, and a posthumous appeal too, to Wagner rather than Munsch.

The Book of the Ring: A section of Ari Ben Aaron's "Auschwitz Crucifixion".

The Persian Fire: Tribute to Bridget Riley.

The House on Shaftesbury Hill: "One Sovereign"

The Land Beside The Sea: "Mirror-Image of Mauritz Escher".

At The Threshold: From Bernhard Aaronsohn's "Treblinka Notebooks", "The Face of Death".

The Judgement: "Epitaph for Yassir Arafat".

A Mote in the Eye of God: Photograph, "Treescape".

A Journey in Time: The cover of the first edition, published privately in 2003.

Travels in Familiar Lands: Modified photograph, "Wall of Light"; the original was taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami, 2002; the rest on computer and by hand.

The Captive Bride: "Escher Triangle".

Tall Tales & Short Stories: "The Unity" by David Sphinx 1958, Sphinx Gallery, Paris; as with Bernhard/Ari, having created David Sphinx as a character in one of the stories in this collection, and made this collage central to the story, it seemed only appropriate to create it, and use it as the cover of the first edition, published privately in 1988.

Collected Poems: "Homage to Mervyn Peake".

Private Collection: "Face 6".

Collected Essays: "Freedom Tower, Still Under Construction", photographed in New York, July 2013.

A Myrtle Among Reeds: "Ceci n'est pas une Magritte".

Day of Atonement: "Human Spectrum 1".

The Book of the Damned: "Rescued from the ashes - the last copy of Heinrich Heine's 'Gedichte'

Notes on the Death of Zarathustra: "Birds".

The Book of Tarot: "Girl 2".

The Badge & The Cross: "Portrait of a Woman".

The Monologue of Michael Cohen: "Not quite Lewis Dodgson nor exactly Charles Carroll".

The Snare: "Untitled, 1997".

To Honour The Past: "Two Heads".

The Songs: "Ghost Guitar"

The Drawings: Prashker, photograph, somewhere around 1980.

Links: "Brown Face"

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